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Welcome to Wocom Online Store

Wocom  is your "Value IT Solution Provider". With the aim of offering the best value products with satisfactory customer service.

Wocom offers a wide range of IT & T products include desktop packages, server, notebooks, computer components plus peripherals & accessories, handhelds & flash memories, networking products, voip devices, softwares, mobile phones and Mp3s. We also provide services which include Computer Hardware & Software troubleshooting, Internet Cafe set-up, Local Area Networking and Data Recovery. Indeed, Wocom also specialise in quality and performance custom design Desktop PCs which backed by a number of Awards from PC World magazine throughout these years.

Wocom is also Partner with the following leading vendors include Logitech, ASUS, AMD, AOC, Arctic-Cooling, Creative, D-Link, LG Electronics, HP, INTEL, Microsoft, MSI, Ritek, Princo, Vebatim, TDK, and Netcomm. These ensure Wocom is well informed with the up to date information and keep up with its competitive pricing.

Established in year 2005, with just over 5 years, Wocom has become one of the leading computer retail store in Sydney Eastern suburb.


We save you 35% - 80% of retail prices on these products.

Our goal is to provide an easy, comfortable shopping experience plus great products. 24 hours a day, 7 days per week!

Why shop via wocom

  • Don't Pay Retail Price - true low price

We are able to provide you a very very competitive price (even lower than what you can find on eBay for the same quality) because:

    1. We source from the manufacturers directly, remove the wholesalers and remove the costs.
    2. Our volume allows us to get best price from the suppliers.
    3. Selling via internet and eliminate a lot of retail costs.
  • Great Customer Service
    1. We process your order swiftly and ensure the product arrives you fast and safe.
    2. We respond to your questions and request quickly,
  • Convenience

You can shop, anywhere as long as you can surf on the internet, anytime as long as you want to. And your products arrive in a few days.

Enjoy shopping on Wocom!


Wocom Pty Ltd
24 / 159
Arthur st
Homebush west
NSW   2140
TEL: 02-97466632 (04)21512156
email: sales@wocom.com.au

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